Legitimate Leather: Rewriting The Narrative of Slow Fashion and Sustainability

Fashion and sustainability are two words that do not go well together. You may ask why?

Let’s break it down.

1. From global shrinking of freshwater reservoirs to depletion of fossil fuels, all are byproducts of garment production and transportation.
2. Heavy usage of pesticides and man-made synthetic fibres has a huge adverse impact on the environment.
3. As per UNFCC, the global fashion industry produces around 10% of green house gas emissions.
4. 20% of global waste water is all due to the fashion industry.
5. Going at this rate, the ‘State of Fashion Report-2018’ by McKinsey & Company predicts that the Fashion Industry is set to use a quarter of world’s carbon budget by 2050.

Alarming, isn’t it? We do not want the Fashion Industry to wage war against the very planet we call our home. Today, the fashion Industry should be held accountable to answer questions of sustainability. Majority of the high street brands which push mass production and quick revenue model ahead of the environment should pause and take a look at the bigger picture- the adverse impact of fast fashion on the social and ecological environment. But since we can’t wash our hands off fashion, we need to regulate and revolutionize the fashion industry. Say hello to SLOW FASHION.

Slow Fashion = No mass production

The Slow Fashion movement is a revolutionary concept that stands for the value of artisans and designers who are constantly working towards inventing value-oriented durable fashion that tends to have a positive impact on the environment with respect to procuring raw materials and product manufacture.

One of the key materials that are heading the Slow Fashion movement is leather. To battle the negative narrative surrounding the ethical sourcing and production of this material, many leading brands have come together with strong policies that workin favor of ethical leather sourcing, stronger environmental standards and a transparent production line.

Why Leather should be your sustainable choice?

Faux leather or the so-called vegan leather is made of PVC or polyester, or simply called plastic. These are made of non-biodegradable materials powered by fossil fuels. If you think killing animals is cruel, then how can you support killing of the planet.

With the launch of new approved assessment guidelines by EU’s Environmental Footprint Steering Committee that deems leather as byproduct from animals killed for food consumption, the material now falls under a positive light when compared to plastic in terms of overall environmental impact.

Add to it, the usage of ethically sourced leather from naturally dead animals makes the material pro-sustainable fashion.

What makes “EcoLoom” different.

1. With work underway to create a transparent supply chain, our products symbolize the beauty of this durable classic and promote sustainable fashion.

2. The tanneries we work with have adopted tighter safety protocols that limit the use of chemicals. Newer technologies ensure the leather is more durable with minimum susceptibility to decomposition over longer period of usage. The coloring process is also eco-friendly with adoption of more natural dyes limiting the chemical usage.

3. We use the process of vegetable tanning with naturally occurring plant materials like leaves and bark of the trees. Though vegetable tanning is a lengthy process of several weeks, it ensures the products made from it like luggage bags, wallets and the line of belts we make are strong and highly durable. The beauty of the products made through this process makes it look better with each passing year.

EcoLoom is all about making fashion accessories more sustainable. Our range of bags and belts is here to encourage people to buy timeless, hand-crafted, slowly produced accessories that can pass through generations. We have taken a strong stand against the current state of fast fashion consumerism with an aim to eliminate cheaply-made products by fast-fashion brands.

Each piece of accessory that we make is not 100% similar to the other. Our craftsmen ensure every line, color and scar on the leather is celebrated and used accordingly to create a unique masterpiece. This gives each finished product its own individuality. Moreover, the leather continues to age over time even after purchase, according to handling, light exposure and frequency of usage. This helps the look of the product to evolve over time, thus eliminating your need to quickly replace it.

At EcoLoom, we are determined to introduce our current generation to the beauty and longevity of slow-made fashion. With our belief in sustainable fashion, we create products that do not need to be replaced regularly. Because of our 20 years of experience in this fashion, accessories and lifestyle industry, creating something natural, long-lasting and unique has been, is and will forever be our primary goal. 

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