Infusing Spirituality into Fashion!

We are spiritual beings living a human experience. So, isn’t everything we do spiritual? …. We leave the question to meditate on it. It might be a new concept for some. Every new idea is. Everything we feel and think will increase or decrease the presence of spirituality in our lives. So, do the clothes we wear, they have an impact on us and everything around us. Everything in the universe is composed of the same essential subtle elements, and the energy vibration emitted by each living can influence changes.  

This article talks about Sustainable Eco-Fashion and its path to spirituality. The idea of sustainable fashion X spirituality is part of a broader path towards a more conscious way of life. The concept may seem new, but the approach goes back to the dawn of humankind. Spirituality exists in all beings, in various degrees of concentration and combination, moving on a physical, emotional, and mental level.  

The energy vibration of clothes depends on factors such as the type of fabric, the shape, the colour, design, amount of stitches, among others. The purer these factors, the more virtue the final product will be.   

Natural fibers such as silk and cotton can attract, drink, and retain the divine frequencies of the atmosphere. Clothes made of artificial fiber fabrics such as nylon, terylene, rayon, and polyester do not possess the same capabilities.   

The white, yellow, and blue colours are peaceful colours and those that most attract spiritual and positive vibrations. Patterns such as flowers, leaves, dots, and vines possess similar attributes. Clothes dyed with natural dyes and positive colours, without preconceived designs, in general, attract good vibrations.

At EcoLook, we seek to introduce several purification and cleaning rituals throughout the manufacturing process of our clothes. We have discovered that what works best for us is: choose natural fibers in addition to a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing process; In the last stage, we store and manage our clothes in an ethical environment before delivering them to you.

Whatever clothes you choose to wear, you can always introduce into your life the purification and cleansing rituals that, like many others, we have forgotten about our daily routine. You can spiritually purify your entire wardrobe. Just keep in mind the characteristics of each garment you decide to buy and work with them, not against them! That will make it much easier to keep your vibration elevated.

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