Emerging Sustainable Fashion Brands of Australia

Anna Lappe once said that “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the world you want to live in”.  There’s no doubt that it’s hard to ‘cast a vote’ when you aren’t at harmony with the choices presented to you.  Over the past few years, we have seen a change in the Australian fashion climate, a nod to understanding the reality of fast fashion. The realization that the accumulation of this trend is at odds with what makes us human, our empathy. So, let us look at the sustainable brands that help us cast a vote for what truly represents our values.

EcoLoom is such a brand, offering a tranquil space to bestow our longing for purposeful purchasing patterns, one that pays homage to the natural world and the hand-stitched reverence of positive human reciprocity. EcoLoom invites us to grow social capital linked to sustainability and resilience in communities whilst modelling beautiful timeless fabrics like handwoven cotton  and silk. This slow fashion movement floats the idea that the act of buying can no longer be concerned with simply taking. It must be an exchange opportunity(a marked departure away from market demands)to forge bonds that influence the wellbeing of our planet and the persevering populace.

Below are five brands that EcoLoom feels is systematically changing the way Australia sees fashion. Showing us a glimpse of what it means to design with thought.

Think of a favorite staple piece that can be worn on a Sunday afternoon at a farmer market. That’s where our imagination takes us when we look at Theo the Label. Theo the Label produces stable pieces that have the quality and longevity to remain with you every Sunday for years. These pieces are the result of a founder’s vision. A vision which credits a craftsman to the garments they sew. Ultimately, reconnecting us with the individuals who make our clothing.

This brand begins on the sand, sun and sea of Byron Bay. A journey started by two sisters that were stimulated by the idea of nostalgic and famine garments. Spell binds us with a sense of love for the delicate pieces which hang in their store. With a deeper sense of respect arising when you learn about how they source their materials and maintain ecological responsibility.

Seaside tones is a label that embraces the elements of the sea, right down to their garments cut and color palette. The family owned business is there for the environmentally intelligent, who value fashion based on conscious and thoughtful choices. Seaside tones prioritize natural fibers that are sewn to beautifully drape when worn.

The Social Outfit is a label which places people at the core of its philosophy. Priding itself on diversity and a sense of justice – the label employs new migrants and refugees, empowering those through every stitch. The Social Outfit has a diverse range of pieces that are cut to reduce fabric wastage. 

Boody’s garments are inherently beautiful and practical, evoking a sense of pleasure through the quality of their fabric. The feel is an integral part of their conscious state with pieces being sewn from bamboo fabric. Boody is in tune with the need to bush walk, dance or simply rest your eyes. Ultimately, being made to easily fit into the sphere of your everyday life.

The stakes have never been higher to attune our fate with our fashion.

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