Jute is nature’s affordable gift to mankind, but we are yet to make the most out of it.

Jute is the name of the plant or fiber used in making gunny products or hessian. It is one of the affordable natural fibers after cotton when it comes to production and utility.

History of Jute

The first trader of jute was the British East India Company and in 1793 the company exported 100 tons of jute.

Benefits of Jute

Needs less water: Jute can be repeatedly harvested and grown with very less water because it’s a natural plant fiber. This is great for our planet in terms of water conservation.

Needs less fertilizer: Jute can be grown with very little need of fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide. So no chemicals go into the soil.

Quick growth: Jute-growing season is 100 days, so there is steady supply of the fiber.

Air purifier: A hectare of jute plants can absorb 15 tons of carbon dioxide and release 11 tons of oxygen during the growing season.

Little expense: There is very little cost involved in growing jute since the plant does not demand much fertilizer. A small area can produce a lot of crop.

Biodegradable: Once its purpose is fulfilled it can be composted and if it reaches a landfill it will breakdown naturally with no harm to the planet.

Comfort: When woven into clothing or a reusable bag material, jute can be very soothing.

No plastic pollution: Shopping bags made from jute reduce the need of single-use plastic bags. A jute bag does away with the need of disposable bags and pollution resulting out of it.

Jute and Ecoloom

We at Ecoloom realized it long back that we can’t afford to take nature for granted. It’s precious and needs preservation. And it is only in our hands to we weave a secured future for the generations to follow.

Our products have been curated keeping return gifts in mind to the nature.

When you buy our products and when you are finally done with using them, you can either recycle them or simply allow it to die a natural death leaving no ills on the planet.

Every product on our website is recyclable and can be reused. Every bit of each product is closer to nature and you will feel it when you use them.

Our products give a sense of no-guilt because you are not harming the environment.

So, go ahead and give our products a shot!!! We at EcoLoom are also open to debates.

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