New Normal – People Tilting Towards Slow Fashion

It Doesn’t Remain The Same Anymore

Two years back, we were busy with our lives, making plans, suddenly the covid-19 pandemic caught us by surprise. It was a shell shock for all of us. There was a hue and cry all over the world. We were at our wit’s end. Then, as it happens, with the passage of time, we started to device new plans in the changed scenario, in order to ensure our survival. We masked the virus up to check its rapid spread and keep the pandemic at bay. Sanitizers became a must. The pandemic taught us many things the hard way. Life didn’t remain the same any longer. The sharp rise of various sorts of pollution, especially the fast deterioration of the quality of oxygen, added to the woes created by the deadly virus. The worrying signs from several environmental reports have certainly raised the eyebrows of the scientists around the globe. In a nutshell, there’s much more at stake now than ever before. So, we need to be more cautious before making further moves. We have to take note of the fact that there’s no room for error. The reading on the walls is quite clear – in strong and bold letters.

Change In The Air

It’s said that change is the only unchangeable thing in this changeable world. Often changes are slow. At times, they are so slow and subtle that you would not be able to spot it. But, then, one fine morning, life will spring a surprise when you will experience a massive change. It happens with relationships too; as the human mind is the most complicated thing in this world. Same applies to revolutions, the corporate world, and of course nature. Likewise, we witnessed a major paradigm shift over the last few years, specifically after the horrific covid pandemic arrived in the scene, regarding the fashion industry. With the environmental crisis at its worst, people are embracing the slow fashion. It’s a welcome move indeed and should be praised wholeheartedly. Gradually, people are coming to know about the various adverse sides of fast fashion and the several fabricated myths around it are falling apart. It’s needless to say that this is prompting the customers to choose wisely. That’s why they are becoming more and more interested in the sustainable jute bags and the eco-friendly jute products of the slow fashion world.

It’s The Way Forward

Going by the recent trends, this seems to be a change which is going to be there in the years to come. And taking the health hazards and the ill-effects of the fast fashion into the account, it appears the best possible way out from this menace called textile pollution. The trusted slow fashion brand from Australia, Ecoloom, welcomes you to the other side of life, the beautiful galaxy of long-lasting, environment-friendly products. Remember, choosing wisely and acting responsibly is the need of the hour.

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