To Ace, 2 S – Sustainability, Slow Fashion

Things Fall Apart

Often in our lives we find to our utter astonishment, that things are falling apart. We become standstill for a few moments, then we try to restore parity, with all we have. At times, the time elapsed before we could react, becomes crucial. Sometimes, it turns out to be too costly. Then, things go beyond our control, they become beyond repair. We are left to lament only. It’s almost the same for every other sphere in life. The same applies to relationships, rugby matches, cricket encounters or for instance environmental issues. If you don’t respond timely, you might have to regret for a lifetime. And regret is the worst of all emotions so far as human psyche is concerned. It eats you up from deep inside. The way our environment crisis is rising in leaps and bounds in recent times, has certainly created serious headaches for scientists, environment experts, policy makers, activists, researchers, scholars and anyone who is aware and sensitive about the nature. This has been a growing concern for the last few decades; but now it seems to be dangerous than ever.

Time For Payback

Most of the times, we forget our deeds. But the universal law or the divine scheme of things always remember. Sooner or later, we get paid in the same coin. Nature has this uncanny habit of remembering things distinctly and paying back, that too with dividends. We have tried not only to control nature but also to overpower it by hook or crook. We ensured, trees continue to fall on a war footing, in the name of urbanization. Driven by sheer lust and greed, we decided to dominate nature in every possible manner and eventually destroyed a large part of it. This resulted in the extinction of many species and several others are leaning dangerously on the verge of getting wiped away forever from this erstwhile beautiful planet. Now we are facing the heat which was due to happen. We ourselves create our destiny – we are solely responsible for the consequences we meet. For, the conscious choices we make, lead to the end products in the form of the consequences.

It’s Not Over, Till It’s Over

Still, we can keep the apocalypse at bay, only and only through our serious, conscious and regular efforts. But unless and until we become extra cautious and start acting responsibly, it remains a distant possibility. Taking a note of the alarming changes regarding our ecosystem, we should and must change our approach towards life in order to prevent the fall.

The Two Tools To Get The Edge Sustainability and slow fashion – these two intertwined tools are our most suitable, optimized weapon against this environmental catastrophe as they give you the much-needed edge over it. Ecoloom, the trusted slow fashion brand from down under, is encouraging people to go green with its wide range of premium eco jute bags. Interestingly, they also take care of the style quotient with its beautifully designed transparent sustainable jute bags. Let’s strengthen their hands in making earth green again.

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