If You Drive Too Fast, You Are Supposed To Invite Trouble – Threats Posed By Fast Fashion

And How You Can Thwart Them With Ecoloom, Australia

Too Much Of Anything Is Bad

There has to be some sort of control, reason and structure in every scheme of things. Even in madness, there has to be a method. That’s how life works. That’s how the law of nature functions. If we look at the modernist writers or artists in general, we will find that what they did was – structuring the unstructured. Throughout the course of the history of human civilization, we have seen it time and again that whenever someone breaks the law of nature, they are punished by nature itself. Many of us know about the tragic story of Oedipus or for instance, Macbeth. If you exceed the limits, the universal law will prosecute you – in some way or the other.

Speed Driven By Greed

When it comes to our needs, most of us are driven by the zeal to have more and more – the more we have, the more we crave for. Right from Lord Buddha to Mahatma Gandhi – over the centuries, over the millenniums, the greatest of thinkers have warned us regarding this dangerous tendency. But little did we listen. With the boom of globalization, our needs have started to rise in leaps and bounds. There’s almost no limit to our sky-high aspirations. If we have a look at the fast fashion industry, then we will realize that garments and fashion accessories are being produced at the speed of a skyrocket. Whereas, the Eco Jute Bags tick all the right boxes so far as the environmental safety protocols are concerned.What happens in the highways? If you don’t check your speed and drive carelessly, you create fair chances of meeting an accident. That comes without saying.

Danger Ahead

If we keep a close eye to the fast fashion industry, then we will understand that the scenes reflect caution. The alarm bells have been ringing for quite some time, but we didn’t pay any heed to them. Little do we know that; fast fashion contributes to one garbage truck of textiles per second. The way global textile pollution is becoming a growing concern for the environmentalists and medical science experts is indeed worrying. Also, it’s going to push the indigenous fashion identities and cultural heritages to the edge. It also forces the labours, craftsmen and workers to work tirelessly despite being underpaid. To add to their woes – most of these factories are quite unsafe to be in. As a result of it, we witness disasters at garment factories around the world. It’s really inhuman to make tons of profit while putting the lives of millions of garment workers at risk. In a way, the textile waste eventually results in global warming too.

Drive Slow We need to make significant changes regarding this menace, in order to avoid the catastrophe. In the recent times, we have experienced a reality check in the form of many natural calamities and environmental reports. Time to go slow, with Jute Bags, time to embrace the beautiful way of life named slow fashion. Australia’s most trusted slow fashion brand, Ecoloom welcomes you to its drive to make earth a better place to be in, especially with its premium quality jute bags.

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