Plastic, Plastic, Go Away!

Keep The Plastic Pollution At Bay With Ecoloom

The Selfish Giant

Way back in our school days, many of us came across the famous story of the ‘selfish giant’. The wonderfully written story which bears the hallmark of one of the greatest storytellers in the history of mankind, none other than Oscar Wilde, came out in 1954. Immediately after the Second World War, when Europe, along with many parts of the world, was busy in restoring parity after getting decimated into ruins. It revolves around a giant who is extremely selfish and doesn’t allow the kids to play in his garden. Some of us behave like that very ‘selfish giant’ by refusing to think about others around us or the planet where we have taken refuge in. Paying no heed to the growing concerns and continuing with the rampant use of plastic (especially the ones below 40 micron) make us selfish giants.

What Goes Doesn’t Come Back

Life is quite interesting but it comes with certain terms and conditions applied. Once you pull the strings of a bow and leave it, the arrow can’t be called back. Once the bullet is gone, it’s gone. In life, one has to make moves only after thinking about the pros and cons. If one is not careful enough, then he/she has to pay for the consequences. Once disposed, a piece of plastic remains as it is for decades. It can only be recycled. There are people who burn plastic, that results in carcinogenic air, which is capable of causing cancer. These days, producing plastic is quite easy but to relocate or dispose it safely, seems next to impossible despite so much advancements in the field of science. Bringing home the Eco-Friendly Jute Bags stand to be the only sustainable solution at present.

Reality Check

We have been doing things without even thinking about the after effects. In the recent times, we have been given a strong reality check by nature itself. On one hand, we have witnessed several natural calamities over the last few years. On the other hand, the scientists have let us know about the deep lying ill-effects of plastic lately. The more we get to know about the other side of plastic, the more we realize where are we actually heading towards.

Worrying Signs

The sudden change in the nature of the climate and the various updates regarding the multi-faceted environmental crisis, certainly raises the eyebrows if not leaves us at our wit’s end.

Repeated Warnings

The scientists, environmental activists were warning us for decades. But little did we listen.

Keep It Aside

It’s high time that we keep the dangerous plastic aside. We need to shun its usage – it’s almost now or never.

An Air Of Freshness

The very fact that, jute bags are in vogue again, comes as a welcome move by the people from the down under – some fresh air indeed along with a renewed hope.

Meet Your New Friend Through Ecoloom

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