Slow But Steady Wins The Race

The Case Of Fast And Slow Fashion And Ecoloom’s Role

Moral Stories

We all have grown up while reading stories. Everybody in this world, loves stories. Though might be in different forms. Many of us have had a great time while listening to various stories told by our parents or grandparents. It was indeed the best of times. Those of us who used to get such positivity and freshness through the world of stories, must have encountered with moral stories quite a lot in all likelihood. They served many purposes as they offered important moral teachings. They were not plain and simple ‘stories’. Rather, they laid the foundation stones of our ways of thinking, the way we approach life in general. So, in that way, they hold utmost importance in our lives. If we sit back and introspect, we will realize that they have shaped our lives to a great extent. This very habit of reading or listening to moral stories has something seriously to do with our overall growth in life. Be it Aesop’s Fables or the Jataka Tales – they give us the important lessons of life.

Lesson Of Life

Long back, in our childhood days, we heard about the famous story involving a rabbit and a tortoise. Most of us are familiar with this apparently simple yet brilliant story. Once upon a time, a rabbit and a tortoise locked horns for a game of race. In no time, the rabbit traversed almost the major part of the road and decided to relax for a while. On the other hand, the tortoise continued to keep up the good work – slow but steady. The little creature went at a slow pace but made continuous moves. Thanks to his indomitable will and never say die spirit, he made the last laugh. When the rabbit woke up and reached the finishing line, to his utter amusement, he found the tortoise with a big smile on his face. We learn that, never ever undermine your competitors and don’t let the complacency overpower you.

The Rabbit

Here, the rabbit is none other than the fast fashion, which results in one garbage truck of textiles per second. It’s rising at the speed of light, so are the worrying signs caused by it. Global textile pollution has become a growing concern for the scientists, environmentalists and the policy makers. It’s high time to embrace the Jute Bag in order to resist the catastrophe.

The Tortoise

Slow fashion is our sweet little tortoise. It produces eco-friendly, sustainable fashion gears and accessories, which eventually helps the greater cause – minimizes the textile pollution globally.

Shell To Sail Through

Time and again, the tortoise’s shell saves it from various possible threats. Several times, it manages to survive the axe, thanks to its super strong shell. It’s certainly something which one can rely upon, when it comes to thwarting dangers. Likewise, you can trust Ecoloom, which seems to provide you with the all-important shell to sail through this catastrophe, which is looming large due to the ill-effects caused by the rabbit, i.e., the slow fashion. Be it Jute Bags With Zipper or decorative wine bags – Ecoloom has it all. Click the website to place your order today.

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