Why are Jute Bags Better than Plastic Ones?

We all have successfully moved from a period of loving and overusing plastic bags and products. Today, there is better awareness among all of us. While we still have a long way to go in completely getting rid of plastic products, we have started to figure out alternatives. And that is a big sign!

When discussing the different substitutes for plastics, we talk about the different options and compare the pros and cons. In a more profound understanding, experts have always found that jute bags outdo plastic ones.

They are biodegradable and more sustainable than plastics. Therefore, people believe that jute bags are better than their plastic counterparts. In fact, they think jute bags are the savior of the day.

Dig in to find more about why jute bags are better than plastic ones.

Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable

The central hit point for Jute is its eco-friendly qualities. Jute is easily reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Contrastingly, plastic is the exact opposite, taking several hundred years to decompose. Jute is derived naturally from a plant. Plastic is an artificial product.

Preserve the Freshness

Plastic Bags do not have space for more airflow. Jute bags are breathable and enhance airflow. Since there is air movement, the products remain fresh for a more extended period. In addition, Jute is also temperature resistant. Therefore, the products can be stored for a longer period, unlike plastic bags.

Cheaper in the Long Run

You all would have heard the saying, ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ It perfectly fits plastic bags. You can buy plastic bags for a cheaper price of just around 50 paise, and jute bags are costlier, priced around 10 to 15 rupees.

But when you see it the other way, plastics are single-time use and should be discarded. Jute bags are reusable and can be used for more than a year. So comparatively, though plastic looks cheaper at first, Jute is the better and more cost-effective product in the long run.

Sustainable Production

When you compare two products, it is necessary to go beyond their benefits to the consumers and explore their making. As we dig into the production process of Jute and plastic, we understand Jute has a more sustainable production.

The production of plastics involves more use of petroleum and emits more carbon dioxide. On the other hand, Jute is easily harvested in a farming space and enriches the soil, supporting crop rotation.

Complement your Look

Jute bags complement your look and are fashionable. They can be created in different forms and have printed designs. Unfortunately, plastics aren’t quite catchy and are out of style. So Jute bags are reusable and durable and make you appear more classy.

The Bottom Line

We all know we have a sure winner if we draw a comparative chart between jute bags and plastic bags. With the world reaching out more to greener initiatives, plastic bags are not the brighter choice.

Besides the features discussed, Jute bags are better than plastic for several reasons. Jute bags have a low CO2 footprint and reduce health hazards. Given the circumstances, Jute outlasts plastic bags in more ways than one.

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