Are Eco Leather Wallets Biodegradable?

Looking for eco-friendly alternatives has become more of a trend now. People are becoming more aware of the environmental changes around them. Those trying to make sustainable choices instead of shifting to a whole new material often look for an eco-friendly version of the material they use.

In a similar fashion, people are opting for eco leather wallets in the place of chemical-based leathers we regularly use. This behavior has garnered enough attention towards eco leather products. However, people are still confused about distinguishing between eco and regular leather.

While it needs a whole other discussion, this article will seek to explain one of the crucial questions asked – Are eco leather wallets biodegradable?

Come, let’s figure it out.

Understanding Eco Leather

Before you figure out the qualities of eco leather, there is a need to dig deeper and understand it. Eco leathers are often called the suitable replacement of chemical leathers and eco-friendly alternatives. But have it ever occurred to you why it is eco-friendly?

To understand this, let’s get to the core and comprehend the meaning. Eco leather is a type of leather that eliminates the chemical aspect used to make leathers. Instead, eco leathers are made from different products ranging from Pinatex, Cork leather, Mirum, Pineapple, Apple peels, Mushrooms, mango, and many other fruits and plants.

So when you talk about eco leather, you are not talking about a single material made using a single method. Instead, you are talking about an umbrella term that refers to all leather materials that do not use chemicals in the process of being produced.

Are all Eco Leather Wallets Ecofriendly?

You might have figured it out by now. No, not all eco leather materials are eco-friendly, as they are mostly claimed to be. When we earlier spoke about the materials used in eco leather production, we did talk about different materials.

100% Natural Eco Leather is Biodegradable

This does not mean all eco leather wallets are non-biodegradable. Eco leather products made out of 100% natural materials are biodegradable. These include cork, Mirum, MuSkin, mushroom, mango, apple peel, and other plant and fruit materials.

These take, at the most, 25-50 years to decompose. So if you are conscious about shifting to eco leather to enjoy its quality and durability while also doing good to the environment, make wise choices and look out for natural eco leather as they are biodegradable.

The Bottom Line

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