Is Eco Leather a More Sustainable Option for Wallets?

Have you heard about eco leather? It is an eco-friendly alternative to the standard leathers we use. If you enquire about whether eco leather is a more sustainable option for wallets, you will be flooded with all possible answers.

So Is eco leather a more sustainable alternative? If people tell you yes, they are right. If people tell you no, they are still correct. Because identifying whether or not eco leather is more sustainable is a little complicated.

It is because eco leather is not one thing but refers to multiple things. At first glance, it includes all the leather materials that do not use chemical products, which makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for wallets. But how sustainable is eco leather?

Eco Leather

Eco leather includes many materials that are made of different raw products. For instance, the materials range from Pinatex, Cork, Mirum, Pineapple, Mango, etc. Therefore, we could classify these leather materials into two broad categories that will help us determine the sustainability quotient.

You could categorize the leather into artificial eco leather and natural eco leather. The natural vegan leather includes Mirum, Pineapple, and other plant-based leather.

Artificial leather is not essentially as sustainable as plastic, and other artificial raw materials take more time to decay and cause more damage to the environment. On the other hand, natural leather is sustainable and uses raw materials that make natural eco leather biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Azo Free

Natural eco leathers are also Azo-free. It means the eco leathers do not use dyes containing various chemicals. The use of azo dyes is quite restricted as they cause harm to the environment and humankind. It can lead to cancer and other problematic issues.

In the production of natural eco leather, azo dyes are not used. It makes these Azi Free and good for the environment. You can also check out the Ecoloom website, which sells Azo-free and natural eco leather products. They sell quality wallets for men and purses for women.

Sustainable Vegan Leather

Scientists across the globe have put years of work into producing plastic-free eco leather solutions. Today, many companies produce plastic-free eco leather wallets and purses from mushrooms, pineapples, and other cultures and plants.

While one cannot ignore the fact that these use certain non-renewable resources in production, the quantity is considerably less. Sustainability is not about an entirely eco-friendly product that does not go through any environmentally affecting manufacturing process. It is more about manufacturing products that go through a more eco-conscious process and have less impact.

Closing Thoughts

Eco Leathers are more sustainable when they are produced using plastic-free alternatives, without azo dyes and requiring only very minimal usage of non-renewable resources. Such wallets are increasingly being produced in recent days. So you can visit websites like the Ecoloom to find some quality natural eco leather made products like Mens Wallets Brisbane and bags.

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