Why should you choose an RFID Protected Wallet?

While RFID wallet is quite popular among shoppers these days, there are still people who do not possess a very transparent idea of it. So, first, let me give you a clear idea of what an RFID Protected Wallet is and I believe it would also suffice the answer for why you need such a wallet.


Radio Frequency Identification, abbreviated as RFID, was first invented during the Second World War for British Aircraft Identification. Since then this technology has evolved significantly and is now chiefly used in shopping, transportation and banking.

Smart Theft

With the sheer technological advancement, our thieves are also getting smarter. Many credit cards these days come with embedded RFID chips that no more need users to swipe the card; you can simply press the card on the scanner machine and your job is done. It’s surely convenient but it’s also dangerous.

For instance, you are waiting in a public area with a similar credit card in your wallet. While standing you are actually exposing your credit card to a potential scanning risk by a special device that can just not steal your essential financial details but also clone your card. Yes, theft can be this crafty!

So now is the time to move ahead of smart theft and get an RFID Protected Wallet. Make sure that no one can steal your data. Exclusively designed to interrupt and/or block radio waves, the RFID blocked wallets are exactly what you need now.


We have recently run a survey to find out, not many people opt for RFID enabled wallets owing to their unappealing design. The bulkiness also acts as a deterrent. 

Ecoloom is here to address such issues. We bring to you trendy RFID protected wallets that will perfectly complement your style quotient. These slim-built, water repellent wallets come in quirky as well as matte shades, which will instantly attract you.

Future of Wallets

Tech is right now in every sphere of life and fashion is also not an exception. While watches and wallets have long been a part of this Tech-Fashion Revolution, nowadays clothes, shoes and accessories are also under technological influence.

Smart wallets are going to make it big in the future. 15 years back having a phone with a sensory lock appeared to be fiction but now it's completely normal. RFID blocked wallets are here to stay and evolve. They are already coming armed with more technologies like LED lights, motion sensors, UVs, NFC chips etc.

However, it's your personal preference to go ahead with a technologically advanced RFID blocked wallet or just the one that does its fundamental job of data protection. The choice is yours.

Ecoloom showcases a diverse range of RFID protected bi-fold or tri-fold wallets in classic and contemporary styles with a particular nylon microfiber interior, which makes the wallets, appear sleek and classy.  

Wish you safe shopping in style!

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