Coral Reefs Amidst Grave Danger Due To Microplastics

The Wonder, Down Under
The world is a wonderful place, undoubtedly. But the world underneath, the life down under, is even more incredible. In 2022, despite having made significant progresses in the world of science, we are yet to explore the majority of the marine world. Among the endless wonders on offer beneath the sea, coral reefs stand on a different pedestal altogether. Often termed as the “rainforests of the sea”, coral reefs can be generally seen in shallow ocean areas, usually resulted by algae formations.

Silent Assassin
Plastics are way too dangerous than we can even think of. And so far as microplastics are concerned, they have even worse implications on our eco-system. Believe it or not, plastics have the rare ability to stay as it is for more than hundreds of years. Microplastics are not visible to the human eye, that makes them all the more problematic. They are hold responsible for generating a host of health complications among us, including cancer! Many scientific studies have revealed of late that microplastics are being consumed by the coral reefs in the recent times, which is forcing the latter to succumb to the fatal properties in the long run. They are acting almost like a slow poison.

So Much At Stake
Coral reefs are one of the foremost factors in maintaining the biodiversity of the global eco-system. The scientists and researchers have stated time and again regarding the extreme importance that coral reefs have on ensuring the smooth functioning of the eco-cycle.

Growing Concern
Every year, nearly 14 milliontons of microplastics are dumped into the sea, making it quite hard for the coral reefs to continue its survival. With the passage of time, the cloud of anxiety over coral reefs becoming extinct, is looming large. Hence, we are left out with a now or never situation. We need to act now and that too on a war footing in order to address this potential catastrophe.

Join The Green Army
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An Evening Of Fashion That Celebrated Sustainability In Style

Sustainable Fashion Grabs The Limelight At Met Gala 2022

Waste Isn’t Waste Until We Waste It

This year’s Met Gala was all about championing sustainability and celebration of eco-friendly fashion. The event will act as a torch bearer for communities in the years to come as the international model donned the upcycled, repurposed and recycled gowns, reminding people about beauty of preserving and maintaining garments and relationships.

Sands Of Time

Since its very inception in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum Of Art has been documenting the most memorable, beautiful and important impressions of time by the greatest of artists in the history of mankind. In the present day scenario, it’s the home to rare art and artefacts from the last 5000 years!

House Of Stars

Right after the two world wars, as the human race started its bid to rise like a phoenix from the ruins resulted by the catastrophes, the Super Bowl of fashion, known as Met Gala, unfolded its fascinating saga in 1946. It was primarily meant to be a fund raising initiative for the wonder that’s Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Fashion With A Difference

Often dubbed as the greatest evening of the year, Met Gala is known for initiating changes and setting trends in an impeccable manner. This time too it was no exception as it turned the pages of fashion history to bring back live the iconic Gilded Age (the golden era of fashion spanning from 1870 to 1900). Keeping in mind the growing concern over environmental issues, celebs sported outfits that were made from upcycled or repurposed textiles or the vintage ones from the locker rooms. Among all, Kim Kardashian grabbed the eyeballs and took the centre stage as she donned Marilyn Monroe’s historic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” costume, which created sensations in 1962. Billie Eillish who turned up in a completely upcycled Gucci gown, said, “I just wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible”.

Loud And Clear

The message at this year’s Met Gala, was quite strong against fast fashion, which results in one garbage truck of textiles per second. It can be said undoubtedly, that the recently concluded edition of the fashion world’s flagship event went on to create global awareness about slow fashion to a great extent.

Much Needed Voice

It was the need of the hour to take such a stern stance regarding the climate crisis as it’s a now or never situation. We are solely responsible for the ongoing severe global environmental threat as singer Camila Cabello who wore an upcycled dress, rightly pointed out, “all of those things have gotten us to the climate crisis”.

Eco-Warriors From Down Under

Ecoloom is a Brisbane based trusted slow fashion brand which is doing wonders in the form of reducing the global carbon footprint and textile waste to a great extent by popularizing slow fashion. Their job has become way too easy thanks to the wide range of premium eco-friendly products, especially the long lasting jute bags.

The Onus Lies With Us

It’s pretty close to a relay race and now the baton has been passed to us. It’s high time, we embrace slow fashion and make earth a better place to live in.

What Are The Different Types Of Jute Products?

There are different varieties of jute products available in the market. While jute is popularly known for its multiple kinds of bags, several other jute products are used extensively. Jute is also primarily used for packaging, as eco friendly jute bags packaging is becoming more and more common nowadays.

There are other jute products that are used in our day-to-day lives. Interestingly, there are popular brands who have started to sell jute products, and there are also more celebrities who move around having jute bags and wearing jute footwear.

Such is the buzz of jute products in today’s times. So without further ado, let’s enter the jute world and explore the different jute products.


Bags are the most common variety of jute products widely consumed. Shopping bags and grocery bags are especially popular. These are made from hessian or sacking cloths and are stitched with handles, chains, or straps for easy carrying.

They are also dyed and coloured and are printed with some beautiful designs. Some bags are also used for packaging, which helps the brands to use them as promotional bags.

Sacking Cloth

Jute is used to make sacks. Many companies and organizations use sacking cloth. It is made from lower grades of fiber but can carry heavy weights. It is often used to store and supply food grains, cement, raw materials, etc.

There are also different categories in sacking clothes based on the weight range carried and quality. For instance, sacking cloth made to carry cement is known as cement bags; they are produced for this specific purpose.


Footwears are another popularly used jute product. It is developed from natural yarn and is woven with hessian lying. It is then interwoven with leather, and jute footwear is produced. It comes in different colors and varieties and is specific for each occasion.

Since jute is known for its resistance and strength, the slippers are pretty famous. Moreover, the footbeds are also quite comfortable. Such properties make jute footwear a comfortable find.

Jute for Decorating

Jute for decorating is trending in the fashion world. It has been said to be a great eco-friendly alternative to fabrics. Since it is also cheap, it has grown to become one of the most used fabrics in the world, after cotton.

Its characteristics of strength and durability have increased its usage. Jute sweaters are especially very famous. It is also used as decorative items such as jute carpets, curtains, rugs, canvas, etc. Canvas is the finest jute product that is woven very closely with the best grade of fibers.

Wrapping Up

Among these, jute bags, pouches and slippers are the most commonly consumed by an average consumer. These products are available at Ecoloom at very affordable prices. The quality is also really good and appreciable.

They have gift pouches, regular jute bags, jute bags for shopping, jute storage, different varieties of jute slippers, and much more. Jute products are redefining the consumer world, and it is time you also start buying jute products and make your life and the surroundings better.

What are the Amazing Benefits of Having Jute Products?

Jute products are one of the most eco-friendly items in the world. Jute is a natural fiber that is primarily cultivated in India and Bangladesh. However, today, the manufacturing and consumption of jute products have spread across different countries.

As we all know the environmental problems and damages caused by artificial products, it is the right time to start using jute products.

If you are still not convinced about choosing jute products, read this article and learn more about the fantastic benefits of jute products.

Benefits of Jute Products

Jute products are beneficial in multiple ways. It is good for you, your surroundings, and nature. So, jute products actually benefit you by improving your lifestyle and reducing your expenses. Listed below are a few benefits of jute products.


Jute is a natural plant-based fiber. It has a very low CO2 and water footprint and uses minimum resources, making it very eco-friendly. It is suitable for nature both as fiber and as a product.

For instance, when jute is cultivated, it consumes more carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. So it makes the air fresher in the surroundings. Similarly, as a product, it can be recycled even after its lifetime has ended. Even otherwise, it is 100% biodegradable.

Affordable and Long Lasting

A key benefit for an individual using jute products is their affordability and durability. Comparatively, jute products are far cheaper than their counterparts. Therefore, it makes them a very affordable choice. Adding to it, they are water and moisture resistant and can be easily cleaned. They are also sturdy and robust. Such qualities increase the longevity of jute products.

Helps With Marketing

Jute products, especially jute bags for shopping, cute small jute pouches, and jute bags with zipper, are all used for packaging and printed with the brand logo. This helps the companies market their products and establish their brand as an eco-friendly brand.

Makes Excellent gifts

Jute products are the recent trend in being gifted. Their royal outlook and eco-friendly nature have made it an excellent gift. The practice can also be observed among celebrities. For example, at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the guests were gifted with jute bags.

Promotes Sustainability

Jute involves significantly less usage of water and does not require any pesticides. Productions of jute products do not require a massive amount of resources. Therefore, jute products save a lot of resources that can be used in the future. They are also long-lasting. All these factors make it a sustainable choice.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of jute products are numerous. Many people use jute bags for shopping and storage and also use other jute products like canvas, sweaters, wallets, etc. As a result, the sellers have also primarily increased in the market.

You can check out Ecoloom, a quality ecommerce site that sells top-class jute products at very affordable prices. Buy jute and reap its benefits, for jute is not just beneficial only for you but is advantageous and good for your surroundings and environment.

Why Are Jute Bags The Most Eco-Friendly Options

Why is everyone buying jute bags? I want to shift to more eco-friendly options, but why should I pick jute bags. Is it really eco-friendly?

If you are looking to use more eco-friendly options and seek to know more about jute bags, look no further. A jute bag is one of the most environmentally sound products, and it will add more value to your lifestyle.

Come to think of it, questioning the qualities of jute and what makes it eco-friendly is essential. This article will explain why jute bags are the most eco-friendly option.

Promoting Sustainability

Jute bags are a sustainable alternative. When we talk about moving away from plastics, we explore different options. But what we do not realize is that all eco-friendly products may not be sustainable.

With jute, it is a different dimension. Jute is a plant that can be grown during any season, year-round. It takes only six months, and it can be harvested. It uses no fertilizers, less land, and enriches the soil when cultivated.

Reduces Water Footprint

We rarely discuss the water footprint, but it is also one of the primary resources we ought to save. Jute requires very minimal water use for cultivation, and so does jute bags production. Therefore, it helps in reducing the water footprint.

Best for the Atmosphere

Jute plants are one of the best ways to reduce the carbon dioxide in the immediate surroundings. This is because jute absorbs a lot of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and interestingly, it gives out a good amount of oxygen as well. It is also said that the rate at which jute releases oxygen is more than many trees.

100% Biodegradable and Recyclable

One quality we look for in eco-friendly products is how degradable it is. Jute and jute bags are 100% biodegradable. It also takes very few years to decompose compared to other biodegradable materials.

Add to it that jute makes an excellent ingredient for a compost pit. In addition, jute is also recyclable and reusable.


Jute fiber is stronger and more resilient. As a result, jute bags are sturdy, durable, and withstand exposure. Since it lasts longer than many other bags, jute bags are used for an extended period. The durability of jute products helps reduce the overuse of products, supporting sustainability. 

Good For Cultivation

Jute helps in cultivation. It can be harvested quickly and can immediately be cultivated again. In addition, since the jute plants enhance soil fertility, it makes the land suitable for cultivation and keeps the soil ready for future crops. It also requires significantly less water and no chemicals.

Wrapping Up

The above discussed are some of the many reasons why jute bags are one of the most eco-friendly options. There is no need to worry about availability as well. With an impressive list of environment-friendly qualifications, jute bags have become famous among manufacturers and retailers.

For example, you can check out Ecoloom. They have a variety of jute bags collections and are tailored to meet different needs and wants. Jute is undeniably one of the best alternatives for a sustainable and environmentally supportive lifestyle.

How Are Jute Bags Making A Trend In Modern Fashion

Modern Fashion means something that has been trending lately. If we were to think of what’s making the buzz in the fashion world, it is the idea of eco-friendly fashion. With people styling and leading the trend with environmentally friendly costumes and bags, it is definitely the latest trend.

Different terms are associated with it, like slow fashion, green fashion, and sustainable fashion, each meaning different things. But all these boil down to one particular idea or thought process – to save resources and protect nature.

The credit for driving us to innovate and carry ourselves uniquely goes to the fashion world and style statements. When those are moving towards a greener trend, then everything else changes.

In this article, we will explore how eco friendly jute bags are making a trend in modern fashion.

From Grocery to Weddings

Jute bags have covered it all. It has cemented its place in the fashion world, not just as a different beneficial product for the planet but also for your wardrobe. It has created a unique style, where be it grocery or daily routine or weddings, people are fond of using jute bags.

When it started out, people used it only for grocery and shopping purposes. But today, it has capitalized on a wide market and has carved its own space. With stylish collections, it is becoming more and more popular.

Supporting The Green Fashion Trend

At a time when everyone is searching for alternatives to maintain their fashion statements but also be more supportive of the environment, jute bags have made the proper entry. Since it is eco-friendly in most ways possible, it has been used by several people.

Jute bags are sustainable, durable, and biodegradable. The plant takes less time to be cultivated and enriches the soil, thereby helping agriculture. So it makes jute one of the all-around environmentally safe and sound products.

Stylish and Fashionable

Jute bags boost the green movement and promote a sustainable lifestyle. But there is more to what makes jute bags compete with the existing products in the fashion world.

Today, various jute bags are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. It can be used for many purposes, and it complements your style and fashion statement. This augments its growth in the fashion world.

Jute bags were a new trend for people who were hesitant to move from regular fashion to green fashion because it meant one should compromise on the style quotients.

Many stores sell amazing collections of jute bags that are different and meet your unique style needs and requirements. In addition, many eCommerce stores, like Ecoloom, sell quality and unique collections of jute bags.

Closing Thoughts

Jute bags are, in short, eco buzzwords in the fashion world. They are creating a silent green revolution. The usage of jute bags is also driven by the celebrities who have opted for jute bags and have added them to their lifestyles.

Such changes have resulted in increased usage of jute bags by people belonging to multiple places across locations and lifestyles.

Is Eco Leather a More Sustainable Option for Wallets?

Have you heard about eco leather? It is an eco-friendly alternative to the standard leathers we use. If you enquire about whether eco leather is a more sustainable option for wallets, you will be flooded with all possible answers.

So Is eco leather a more sustainable alternative? If people tell you yes, they are right. If people tell you no, they are still correct. Because identifying whether or not eco leather is more sustainable is a little complicated.

It is because eco leather is not one thing but refers to multiple things. At first glance, it includes all the leather materials that do not use chemical products, which makes it an eco-friendly and sustainable option for wallets. But how sustainable is eco leather?

Eco Leather

Eco leather includes many materials that are made of different raw products. For instance, the materials range from Pinatex, Cork, Mirum, Pineapple, Mango, etc. Therefore, we could classify these leather materials into two broad categories that will help us determine the sustainability quotient.

You could categorize the leather into artificial eco leather and natural eco leather. The natural vegan leather includes Mirum, Pineapple, and other plant-based leather.

Artificial leather is not essentially as sustainable as plastic, and other artificial raw materials take more time to decay and cause more damage to the environment. On the other hand, natural leather is sustainable and uses raw materials that make natural eco leather biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Azo Free

Natural eco leathers are also Azo-free. It means the eco leathers do not use dyes containing various chemicals. The use of azo dyes is quite restricted as they cause harm to the environment and humankind. It can lead to cancer and other problematic issues.

In the production of natural eco leather, azo dyes are not used. It makes these Azi Free and good for the environment. You can also check out the Ecoloom website, which sells Azo-free and natural eco leather products. They sell quality wallets for men and purses for women.

Sustainable Vegan Leather

Scientists across the globe have put years of work into producing plastic-free eco leather solutions. Today, many companies produce plastic-free eco leather wallets and purses from mushrooms, pineapples, and other cultures and plants.

While one cannot ignore the fact that these use certain non-renewable resources in production, the quantity is considerably less. Sustainability is not about an entirely eco-friendly product that does not go through any environmentally affecting manufacturing process. It is more about manufacturing products that go through a more eco-conscious process and have less impact.

Closing Thoughts

Eco Leathers are more sustainable when they are produced using plastic-free alternatives, without azo dyes and requiring only very minimal usage of non-renewable resources. Such wallets are increasingly being produced in recent days. So you can visit websites like the Ecoloom to find some quality natural eco leather made products like Mens Wallets Brisbane and bags.

Why Should Men Shop for Eco Leather Wallets?

Wallets are daily used products. They define our fashion as much as they are necessities. So a wallet is more than just another product you use daily. They need to be of high quality but also stylish and long-lasting.

Leather has been the most common material used in the production of wallets. This is because it brings that unique sturdy and shiny touch to the wallets, giving them a rich and classy look. But unfortunately, producing leather has negatively crossed different conditions of eco-friendly products.

With a more eco-conscious mind, leather has been failing to meet the environmental expectations of different people. This has led to the creation and trend of different alternatives. Among those, a material that is very close to giving the same experience as leather is the substitute for the original version, eco-friendly leather.

Eco Leather is Eco Friendly

Eco-friendliness has made its way into many industries than one, and fashion is no exception. Eco leather is commonly known as a leather fabric that does not involve the process of using environment-damaging for production. This is an important quality that makes eco leather more eco-friendly. In addition, it is usually made from plant-based materials and other natural products.

Come to think of it, there are more reasons for choosing eco leather wallets than their eco-friendly characteristics.


In the initial days of the transformation, why people hesitate to buy eco leather wallets had more to do with less availability. There weren’t many manufacturers, and choices were also considerably less.

However, today, many manufacturers and retailers compete against each other, which ensures better quality and durability of products delivered. For instance, the Ecoloom eCommerce page sells various leather products ranging from Wallet Mens Australia with multiple versions of Card Holder to bags, footwear, and much more.


Eco-friendliness has not just entered the fashion world but is also emerging as one of the strong contenders. The eco leather wallets are dyed using natural colors and coated using vegetable elements, giving you the classic shine and style.


The eco leather wallets are affordable. Even otherwise, wallets are more of a one-time investment that will work for several years. Since eco leather wallets are more durable than other alternative wallet products, buying them is cost-effective and accounts for a wise investment choice.


More than eco-friendly, these leather wallets are well known for their sustainable qualities. Why are they more sustainable? Eco leather production does not involve the overuse of any non-renewable resources, water, or other sources.

It means the more eco leather is produced, compared to pure leather and other alternatives, the more resources we save for our future generations to use. Therefore, eco leather wallets promote sustainable fashion.

Summing Up

As you dig more about eco leather wallets, you understand the outstanding qualities that make them the best choice. Eco leather wallets are more able – sustainable, fashionable, affordable, durable.

These wallets are eco-friendly and also meet your requirements. Since it is also long-lasting and of high quality, it is good to opt for ecof leather wallets.

Sustainable Leather – How is an Eco-Friendly Wallet Made?

Most of us are more than happy to shift to eco-friendly products. There is a sense of awareness among us in creating a better environment and saving resources, not just for us but also for future generations. This is precisely what sustainability is about.

But the change brings along a lot of doubts and unanswered questions. One among them is how an eco-friendly product is made. For instance, when we talk about sustainable leather wallets, there is always doubt in our minds – what makes it different and more eco-friendly than the standard leather we used?

If you are someone searching for answers to such questions, look no further. This article will walk you through making eco-friendly wallets using sustainable leather.

Choosing from a variety of natural Eco leather options

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to natural eco leather ranging from leathers made using pineapple, mushroom, teak leaves, and more. So several manufacturers choose a single or more type based on the spending, profits, usage, customer demand, quality, eco-friendly nature, and much more.

Once decided, they procure the necessary raw materials from local farmers and sellers. Then, like all materials, they undergo testing and cleaning processes.

Naturally Tanned

The tanning process of regular leather uses more chemicals and causes many health problems. Therefore, these natural eco leathers go through a natural tanning process instead of the usual chemical tanning processes used in the production of animal leather.

Say we take pineapple. The unused parts of pineapple trees and leaves are mostly used for making leather. Therefore, they are procured from the farmers and undergo a natural tanning process. Once processed and manufactured, the leather we get is called the Piñatex.

For this particular leather, the leaves and vegetable-based plastic are used to arrive at the fiber. The pineapple industry produces a large amount of waste every year, approximately 40 tonnes. This leather production uses those waste.

How different is the production process?

Such leather’s production process uses petroleum-based coatings but in significantly smaller quantities compared to animal leather. They use less or no extra water, pesticides, or metallic salts. Such limited usage of resources and chemicals in the production makes natural eco leather products more sustainable and eco-friendly.

No Process of Azo Dyes

Several chemicals are used to dye leather wallets and bags. Most of them are restricted or banned in several countries. They are called Azo dyes. These cause more damage to the environment and people. Fortunately, the eco leathers produced are Azo-free.

Closing Thoughts

Sustainable leather is the most friendly fabric for the environment. This awareness has spread more among manufacturers and retailers, resulting in businesses picking up the sale of sustainable leather wallets.

If you want to buy a quality leather wallet that also meets your style demands, you should check out Ecoloom. Their mens wallets, women’s purses, bags, belts, and other natural eco leather products come in different colors and varieties and are produced using legit natural leather materials.

How to Maintain your Eco Leather Wallet?

The timeline of any product increases when you care and maintain it properly. The eco leather wallet is no exception. Leather products have always found a place in our life. However, with the recent attempt to go green, eco leather rapidly replaced the traditional leather materials.

It has the same quality and appearance but does more good for nature. Therefore, eco leather is becoming a natural choice. Although eco leather requires less care than regular leather products, proper care will increase its longevity and durability.

You need to check your products on a day-to-day basis and maintain it so that the products will retain their initial shine for a more extended period. This article will walk you through the different methods and tips to maintain your eco leather wallets.


  • Clean them regularly
  • If you can, try rotating your different wallets to save them from usage damage
  • Store them in dark places to reduce any hard exposure
  • Use a damp and clean cloth
  • Give a proper cleaning of the wallet’s inner part as well.


  • Do not keep your wallet on your car seat. Too much exposure can damage the fabric.
  • Do not overstuff your wallet. Keep only necessary cards in your card holder and do not fill in more belongings than your wallet can handle
  • Do not keep anything that could cause colour change.
  • Do not stack any products on top of your wallet.
  • Do not touch your wallet with dirty hands.
  • Do not forget to clean them regularly.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners.
  • Do not spill any water, drinks, or food on it.

 Cleaning Tips

  • The best cleaning tip is never to cause any damage to the wallet – as people say, prevention is always better than cure.
  • If there are stubborn stains and marks, you can use dishwashing soap or detergent and clean it with a cloth and warm water.
  • You can also use a toothbrush to clean out the corner areas.

Polish your Wallet

This is a standard procedure used for eco leather bags. However, you can also try it on your wallets to keep them moisturised and shiny. You can use a tiny amount of coconut oil on a soft cloth and use it to wipe your wallets. But make sure to wipe them after thoroughly cleaning them with soap and water. After wiping with oil, you can use a dry cloth to remove the excess oil. Use this method only when necessary to retain the original colour of the wallet.

Closing Thoughts

There are two significant steps in maintaining your eco Leather Men Purse – make sure it doesn’t get damaged and clean it regularly. Only maintaining it properly and storing them can increase longevity.

Moreover, improper storage can lead to colour deterioration, and the wallets can lose the quality shine. Wallets are an integral part of our day-to-day life. They are crucial for both usage purposes and style benefits. Therefore, it is essential to use these tips to retain their quality and increase their durability.

If you wonder where to find the best quality leather wallets, we have the right place for you – head on to and grab their top-quality eco leather wallets.