Our World

About Us

We are eco- warriors.

And this is our story.

EcoLoom is an idea that has evolved from the consciousness of few thinking individuals who are committed to serve & protect the people and planet with their venture. Based in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Queensland in Australia the start-up is a slow fashion brand committed to design & manufacture 100% hand woven & hand-spun textile using eco-friendly & sustainable fabrics in our clothing & lifestyle goods production.

Because when you care for the Earth, the Earth cares for you too.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the conversation-starter, standing at the forefront of the war against textile pollution and climate crisis. To create everyday use products from natural resources and raise a community of mindful individuals by triggering the consumer psyche to think in a sustainable and substantial way of living.

Our Mission

We are on a mission of saving our planet from textile waste and making the most of actionable intelligence. To achieve the same we are promoting Handwoven fabric and providing employment to innumerable artisans.

Meet Our Team of Eco-Warriors

A Tax Consultant in Australia & International Business, Sujoy has been helping CEOs in managing their tax affairs. His strong urge to develop an enterprise to protect people and the environment in the age of climate crisis led to the formation of EcoLook. He is working on a model for the development of sustainable economies in Australia, PNG & New Zealand by reducing the burden of textile waste.

An inquisitive journalist & an articulate communication professional, Khusboo believes in the power of minimalism. With her marketing skills, she has been in the business of creating goodwill for multi-national brands. After Co-authoring a book on Corporate Social Responsibility she has been pursuing her duties towards protecting people & conserving the planet.

An exemplary software executive with vast experience, Preethi has an adriot way in building and delivering innovative products. Also being an avid online shopper herself, she has an excellent perk of maximizing the user experience of EcoLoom. She was impressed with the idea of Eco-Friendly Sustainable fashion when she first heard about Sujoy's vision and journeying together thereafter.

Robyn Prentice brings a wealth of experience in marketing to the public business sector together with a lifetime of coaching, mentoring and competing as a Master and Champion of Squash throughout Australia New Zealand and Canada. Her people skills & integrity will assist you to make the best decision for you and your business

Tajinder has been an enterprising businessman with a decade's experience in planning, managing and networking for several ventures in Australia and New Zealand. With a motto of establishing sustainable measures with his business, Tajinder aims to build an eco-friendly group of conscious citizens in today's world.

A patron of sports, Timothy has been working with several sports federations and communities across Papua New Guinea. An environmentalist and a renowned businessman working with people across grass root levels, Timothy is a true representative working on the models for the development of sustainable economies.