Black Card Holder


Black Card Holder

In this cashless era most men don’t like keeping a lot of cash in their wallets. This saves them the trouble of carrying a bulky wallet making their movements easy and hassle-free. One of the most functional card holder wallets in Australia and Papua New Guinea, this one is made of premium quality sustainably sourced leather, which imparts the accessory with sturdiness, durability and longevity. Any man who believes in cashless payment and loves things a bit rugged will definitely love this piece. You can also use it as an additional wallet to keep only your cards.
The cardholder strikes the right balance between space and compactness enabling you to keep several cards inside it in an orderly way. Whether you are carrying only the cardholder or carrying it with another regular wallet, either way it won’t be a problem for you because the cardholder with its sleek design can be accommodated anywhere with ease. Besides, it comes with a flap, which gives the cards an added protection.
Digitalisation has gone into everything including theft. RFID scanning of wallets or/and cardholders is no more a hi-tech concept; they have become rather common. Therefore, carrying a protected cardholder is extremely important. It will guard your cards from getting cloned in every way therefore keeping your identity and important personal and financial details safe. Move around with this cardholder anywhere without any tension. Although, RFID protection adds extra bulk to cardholders in general but this one from the house of Ecoloom is an exception.

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