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Crossbody Bag, Deep Brown

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Crossbody Bag, Deep Brown

For all those who like to style a bit differently, our Deep Red Cross Body Bag can be your go-to accessory to add that modishness in your every-day wear. Furthermore, this long bag from Australia and Papua New Guinea is made of responsibly sourced premium quality leather, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The bag being sustainably sourced is friendly to the planet as well. It can also make a wonderful gift for trendy women of your life be it your friend, mom, sister or spouse.
The bag is spacious enough to accommodate a small purse, cosmetics, essential items, cardholder and a cell phone. There are two separate sections in the bag to keep your things in a neat and orderly manner. Nonetheless, despite having multiple sections, the purse showcases a sleek design and doesn’t appear bulky at all enabling you to carry it in a hassle-free manner wherever you go. Take it as a side bag or wear it in a crisscross manner, either way, it’s going to make a fashion statement for you.
The world is becoming exponentially digital with every passing day and so are the styles of theft. Your cards are at constant risk because of the scanners frequently used in smart theft. This bag comes with protection blocking your cards from such scanners thus preventing unauthorized access to your ID, debit and credit cards. While being useful and stylish, the purse comes at an affordable price making it an easy buy for most.
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Made of ethically sourced, 100% natural Buff Vintage Dark Brown leather, this classy and smart piece makes one of the best tri-fold wallets in Australia and Papua New Guinea. The leather used to make this wallet has grains resilient to wear and tear making it sturdy and long-lasting. You can use it for years without any embarrassment as the leather starts looking even better with time. It can be a perfect buy for you if you like things simple yet elegant.
Dimensions: 00 X 10.50 X 2.50 CMS.
The wallet has a compact design that helps you carry it in any of your pockets without botheration. However, while being slim, it has not been compromised on spaciousness. The tri-fold wallet has multiple compartments to fit in cash, cards, coins etc. with convenience. Often when we are in hurry or if we are using the wallet for a long time, it tends to get cluttered. But with this one you can retain the organized approach for years.
Have you heard of digital theft? Say you are waiting in a public area and suddenly all your essential card details can be stolen through scanning thus putting all your money at risk. This wallet comes with protection that safeguards your details from getting scanned but does not add any extra bulk because of that.
Wallets speak a lot about one’s personality and therefore a lot of thoughts go down before you decide on the one. This tan piece can annotate your statement explicitly with its subtleness; sometimes ‘less is more’.


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