Nappa Purse

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Nappa Purse

Color: Black

Handcrafted out of sustainable genuine leather, our chic Nappa Purse is simplicity & gorgeousness redefined. Sized aptly as a hand-held purse, this RFID-blocking classic accessory item comes with ample space to stack in your necessities without looking bulky.

Smart and classy, this Nappa Purse has an unconventional look that can give your style statement the offbeat oomph, you have been looking for. Handcrafted out of sustainable genuine leather this chic piece is simplicity & gorgeousness redefined. This nappa leather bag for women in Australia and Papua New Guinea is definitely going to stand out. It can also make a great gift for any occasion be it birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Sized aptly as a hand-held purse, classic accessory item comes with ample space to stack in your necessities without looking bulky. There are two separate sections for keeping your cards and currency and one zipped section to hold your coins and other important bills that are sometimes prone to get lost. Besides, there’s a primary zip to keep everything in an orderly and protected manner inside the purse. The purse has enough space to accommodate your cell phone too. Despite having so many sections the purse has a sleek design and will not look bulky at all. You can hold it individually or keep it inside a handbag and it will hardly take up much area.
The purse comes with RFID protection, which is an important aspect you should look out for while buying one in today’s world. With rapid digitalization, thefts are also becoming digital. Your cards and important details are always under threat of scanning, which might make you lose all your money. This RFID blocked wallet will safeguard your cards and other details from getting scanned therefore providing you complete protection from digital theft.

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5 reviews for Nappa Purse

  1. Bob

    Super brilliant!
    I recently bought this product for my mum as a birthday gift. She was really happy with the wallet and she loved it!

    • admin

      Hey Bob, Thank you for the purchase. Every Woman should have a nice black Leather purse and we are grateful that you chose a sustainable handcrafted one for your mum.

  2. Harpreet Kaur

    Classy & Stylish
    To my surprise, I got such an elegant Nappa purse that people who saw it asked me where is it from. The best thing about it is it is made of sustainable leather and feels so soft. And it’s not too expensive as well. Yipppeee!!! Double delight.

    • admin

      Hello there, Thankyou for purchasing our stylish Nappa purse. We are sure this handcrafted genuine leather product will be a head turner and come down for generations.

  3. Sahil Kumar

    Amazing Bag
    The nappa purse made of sustainable leather is not very expensive. I bought it for my girl friend, and she liked it very much. They are sustainable and made up of soft materials.

  4. Misa Takahashi

    I got a nappa purse made of sustainable leather. It’s so soft. And it’s not too heavy on my pocket.

  5. Bhuvana

    Awesome purse
    I really like ecoloom Nappa purse which is very comfortable and classy to have with me. It can easily hold all my credit and store cards. It is worth for the price. Highly recommended.

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