What Are The Different Types Of Jute Products?

There are different varieties of jute products available in the market. While jute is popularly known for its multiple kinds of bags, several other jute products are used extensively. Jute is also primarily used for packaging, as eco friendly jute bags packaging is becoming more and more common nowadays.

There are other jute products that are used in our day-to-day lives. Interestingly, there are popular brands who have started to sell jute products, and there are also more celebrities who move around having jute bags and wearing jute footwear.

Such is the buzz of jute products in today’s times. So without further ado, let’s enter the jute world and explore the different jute products.


Bags are the most common variety of jute products widely consumed. Shopping bags and grocery bags are especially popular. These are made from hessian or sacking cloths and are stitched with handles, chains, or straps for easy carrying.

They are also dyed and coloured and are printed with some beautiful designs. Some bags are also used for packaging, which helps the brands to use them as promotional bags.

Sacking Cloth

Jute is used to make sacks. Many companies and organizations use sacking cloth. It is made from lower grades of fiber but can carry heavy weights. It is often used to store and supply food grains, cement, raw materials, etc.

There are also different categories in sacking clothes based on the weight range carried and quality. For instance, sacking cloth made to carry cement is known as cement bags; they are produced for this specific purpose.


Footwears are another popularly used jute product. It is developed from natural yarn and is woven with hessian lying. It is then interwoven with leather, and jute footwear is produced. It comes in different colors and varieties and is specific for each occasion.

Since jute is known for its resistance and strength, the slippers are pretty famous. Moreover, the footbeds are also quite comfortable. Such properties make jute footwear a comfortable find.

Jute for Decorating

Jute for decorating is trending in the fashion world. It has been said to be a great eco-friendly alternative to fabrics. Since it is also cheap, it has grown to become one of the most used fabrics in the world, after cotton.

Its characteristics of strength and durability have increased its usage. Jute sweaters are especially very famous. It is also used as decorative items such as jute carpets, curtains, rugs, canvas, etc. Canvas is the finest jute product that is woven very closely with the best grade of fibers.

Wrapping Up

Among these, jute bags, pouches and slippers are the most commonly consumed by an average consumer. These products are available at Ecoloom at very affordable prices. The quality is also really good and appreciable.

They have gift pouches, regular jute bags, jute bags for shopping, jute storage, different varieties of jute slippers, and much more. Jute products are redefining the consumer world, and it is time you also start buying jute products and make your life and the surroundings better.

How Are Jute Bags Making A Trend In Modern Fashion

Modern Fashion means something that has been trending lately. If we were to think of what’s making the buzz in the fashion world, it is the idea of eco-friendly fashion. With people styling and leading the trend with environmentally friendly costumes and bags, it is definitely the latest trend.

Different terms are associated with it, like slow fashion, green fashion, and sustainable fashion, each meaning different things. But all these boil down to one particular idea or thought process – to save resources and protect nature.

The credit for driving us to innovate and carry ourselves uniquely goes to the fashion world and style statements. When those are moving towards a greener trend, then everything else changes.

In this article, we will explore how eco friendly jute bags are making a trend in modern fashion.

From Grocery to Weddings

Jute bags have covered it all. It has cemented its place in the fashion world, not just as a different beneficial product for the planet but also for your wardrobe. It has created a unique style, where be it grocery or daily routine or weddings, people are fond of using jute bags.

When it started out, people used it only for grocery and shopping purposes. But today, it has capitalized on a wide market and has carved its own space. With stylish collections, it is becoming more and more popular.

Supporting The Green Fashion Trend

At a time when everyone is searching for alternatives to maintain their fashion statements but also be more supportive of the environment, jute bags have made the proper entry. Since it is eco-friendly in most ways possible, it has been used by several people.

Jute bags are sustainable, durable, and biodegradable. The plant takes less time to be cultivated and enriches the soil, thereby helping agriculture. So it makes jute one of the all-around environmentally safe and sound products.

Stylish and Fashionable

Jute bags boost the green movement and promote a sustainable lifestyle. But there is more to what makes jute bags compete with the existing products in the fashion world.

Today, various jute bags are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. It can be used for many purposes, and it complements your style and fashion statement. This augments its growth in the fashion world.

Jute bags were a new trend for people who were hesitant to move from regular fashion to green fashion because it meant one should compromise on the style quotients.

Many stores sell amazing collections of jute bags that are different and meet your unique style needs and requirements. In addition, many eCommerce stores, like Ecoloom, sell quality and unique collections of jute bags.

Closing Thoughts

Jute bags are, in short, eco buzzwords in the fashion world. They are creating a silent green revolution. The usage of jute bags is also driven by the celebrities who have opted for jute bags and have added them to their lifestyles.

Such changes have resulted in increased usage of jute bags by people belonging to multiple places across locations and lifestyles.

Significance of Jute Bags in the Shopping Industry

Jute Bags are in high demand nowadays. There are multiple reasons for its recent increase in acceptance and usage. But a significant credit goes to the shopping industry that has made jute an indispensable material in our lives.

Using Jute Bags for Shopping has increased due to its durability and comfortable usage. Interestingly, experts opine that the global market of jute bags will expand from $1.94 billion in 2021 to $2.25 billion in 2022 and grow to about $3.38 billion in 2026.

Therefore, the reach of jute bags growth is expected to increase for the better. The usage has only been accelerated more by the increasing attention paid to an eco-friendly lifestyle. So just like that, Eco Jute Bags are taking the Shopping Industry by storm.

Ticks all Shopping Bag Requirements

Shopping is an exciting task for many people. But they also have their own choices of a shopping bag. Jute shopping bags meet all their requirements.

Compared to the other available bags in the market, Jute bags stand superior. It is reusable, long-lasting, preserves the freshness of the products stored, needs very less maintenance, and is affordable.

The Best kind of Grocery Bags

Jute bags are the best kind of grocery bags you can get. There are different varieties of jute bags available in the market. One can even use the jute bags given by the retailer and use them for several months as a grocery bag.

When you buy groceries and vegetables, there are three things you should consider about the bag you are carrying. First, it should be comfortable to carry. Second, the bag should hold heavy things to store more belongings in one bag. Third, it should be made of breathable material to keep the products fresh. Jute bags fit all these categories.

A Packaging Promotion

Jute bags are not just essential for customers. With a wave of eco-friendly transformations, jute bags are the perfect packaging material that also helps in branding and promotion. Wondering how? A jute bag with the product or brand logo will go a long way in establishing the brand.

People are looking out for brands that prioritize sustainability as much as quality. Therefore, brands and businesses use jute bags to promote their identity. Jute bags are ‘bags for life,’ and when you give them as a promotional product, they will be reminded of the brand every time they use the bag. With stylish customisation and brand logo, you can cement your brand position in the customers’ minds. Since you can also get jute bags for wholesale rates, they become an affordable and effective marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Jute bags have created an everlasting impression in the shopping industry. It is mainly because both manufacturers and consumers find them helpful and environmentally friendly. Buying Jute Bags Wholesale makes it an economically viable choice as well.

A shopping bag is expected to have some qualities. Since we use it often, it should be low-maintenance and long-lasting. The bags should also be multipurpose and strong enough to carry heavier items. Jute bags have satisfied all these requirements and have made an identity as the perfect bag companion for shopping.