Stop Using Single-Use Plastic

And Embrace The Ecoloom Jute Bags For Shopping

It’s Dangerous

The single-use plastic bags are extremely dangerous. Though in our neighbourhood and all our surroundings we will be able to spot plenty of them. Despite repeated warnings from environmentalists and medical experts, we paid little heed and continue to use them. The rampant usage of single-use plastic bags contribute to the global warming to a great extent as plastic pollution affects our ecosystem in many ways. It’s been a growing concern for quite some time. The very fact that plastic is immune to almost everything and can stay as it is for hundreds of years, is enough to drive you crazy.

The Current Scenario

It’s been a growing concern for quite some time. The recent reports are raising the eyebrows of the policy makers. Scientists from all over the world are very worried about the ill-effects of the plastic pollution, which has rose in leaps and bounds over the years. The coastal areas of Australia are the worst hit as the latest data suggest that every year tons of microplastics are being dumped in the ocean, which is taking a toll of the famous Great Barrier Reef – one of the natural wonders of the world. The fascinating coral reefs, the very sight of which can mesmerize anyone in this planet, might be left only in the history books or the archives in the next few years unless and until we act on a war footing to shun the usage of single-use plastic bags. According to the marine biologists, plastic waste is running riot through the marine ecosystem, posing serious threats to innumerable species. 

Role Of The Government

The government of Australia is vehemently trying to curb the large-scale usage of the deadly single-use plastic bags. It deserves heaps of praise for making the historic announcement that it’s going to phase out single-use plastics by the end of 2025. This has indeed managed to make a massive impact. The welcome move served as a major boost and a huge inspiration for the numerous environmental activists who have been instrumental in the fight against the menace called plastic pollution. 

Role Of The Citizens

In order to achieve the goal of ‘single-use plastic free Australia’, everyone has to come forward. We need to act consciously and aware the ones next to us. Thus, we would be able to make serious inroads into the strongholds of the plastic pollution.

Ecoloom’s Role

Australia’s most trusted slow fashion brand, Ecoloom, has popularized its wide range of exciting jute bags with zipper. Through various community outreach programmes, it has been creating mass awareness about the fatal effects of the toxic single-use plastic bags and perks of using the eco-friendly, sustainable jute bags.

How To Get Started?

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