Sustainable Leather – How is an Eco-Friendly Wallet Made?

Most of us are more than happy to shift to eco-friendly products. There is a sense of awareness among us in creating a better environment and saving resources, not just for us but also for future generations. This is precisely what sustainability is about.

But the change brings along a lot of doubts and unanswered questions. One among them is how an eco-friendly product is made. For instance, when we talk about sustainable leather wallets, there is always doubt in our minds – what makes it different and more eco-friendly than the standard leather we used?

If you are someone searching for answers to such questions, look no further. This article will walk you through making eco-friendly wallets using sustainable leather.

Choosing from a variety of natural Eco leather options

There are a lot of varieties when it comes to natural eco leather ranging from leathers made using pineapple, mushroom, teak leaves, and more. So several manufacturers choose a single or more type based on the spending, profits, usage, customer demand, quality, eco-friendly nature, and much more.

Once decided, they procure the necessary raw materials from local farmers and sellers. Then, like all materials, they undergo testing and cleaning processes.

Naturally Tanned

The tanning process of regular leather uses more chemicals and causes many health problems. Therefore, these natural eco leathers go through a natural tanning process instead of the usual chemical tanning processes used in the production of animal leather.

Say we take pineapple. The unused parts of pineapple trees and leaves are mostly used for making leather. Therefore, they are procured from the farmers and undergo a natural tanning process. Once processed and manufactured, the leather we get is called the Piñatex.

For this particular leather, the leaves and vegetable-based plastic are used to arrive at the fiber. The pineapple industry produces a large amount of waste every year, approximately 40 tonnes. This leather production uses those waste.

How different is the production process?

Such leather’s production process uses petroleum-based coatings but in significantly smaller quantities compared to animal leather. They use less or no extra water, pesticides, or metallic salts. Such limited usage of resources and chemicals in the production makes natural eco leather products more sustainable and eco-friendly.

No Process of Azo Dyes

Several chemicals are used to dye leather wallets and bags. Most of them are restricted or banned in several countries. They are called Azo dyes. These cause more damage to the environment and people. Fortunately, the eco leathers produced are Azo-free.

Closing Thoughts

Sustainable leather is the most friendly fabric for the environment. This awareness has spread more among manufacturers and retailers, resulting in businesses picking up the sale of sustainable leather wallets.

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